Client Case Studies

Here are a few examples of how we have been able to help some of our past clients. Client names, business industries, and identifying information has been altered or removed for privacy purposes.

Case Study #1

Teacher w/Side Hustle


Laura, a dedicated schoolteacher, also pursued her passion for event planning by orchestrating weddings during school breaks. Meanwhile, her husband, Mark, a high-earning chemical engineer, had a significant impact on their joint finances.

Their combined incomes, coupled with frequent travels and a busy lifestyle, made managing finances complex. Laura was unsure how Mark's high income affected her side-hustle, especially concerning specific tax credits like QBI.


We carefully analyzed the interplay between her business income and Mark's salary, providing clarity on how it influenced their tax obligations and potential deductions. We implemented strategies to optimize Laura's eligibility for QBI and other small business credits.

With our comprehensive financial roadmaps, Laura could seamlessly merge her passion for teaching and event planning, ensuring that their financial lives remained as harmonious as the weddings she planned.

Case Study #2

Growing Landscaping Company


Sarah runs a rapidly growing landscaping business. As her client base expanded, she found herself overwhelmed by the growing accounting work and managing the loans needed to buy fixed assets to perform jobs for clients. Additionally, managing a mix of full-time employees and freelancers brought diverse accounting needs.

Uncertain about tax deductions and concerned about potential audits due to rapid growth, she sought professional guidance.


Larson CPA had been helping Sarah with her annual tax return preparation. However, her rapid growth meant it no longer made sense for her to do her own bookkeeping. We were able to streamline her bookkeeping and used our knowledge of service-based businesses to give Sarah real-time financial insights. We were also able to help Sarah figure out how to maximize her retirement contributions with her increased business income.

After handing off her accounting duties to Larson CPA, Sarah was able to focus more on her business and she opened up a second location.

Case Study #3

Self-Employed Marketing Business


John, employed 9-5 at a creative media company, dreamed of professional independence. His desires were dual-faceted: to spend more time with his family and to have creative autonomy over his content.

However, the complexities of setting up a business, understanding the financial intricacies, and managing daily bookkeeping deterred him from taking the leap.


We assisted in establishing his small business, guiding him through the creation of an S-Corp, and got his accounting system set up. We equipped John with the knowledge to handle daily bookkeeping and held quarterly meetings to manage estimated payments and strategize year-end retirement contributions.

With our support, John confidently transitioned into his independent venture, balancing work and family with ease.

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