A Modern CPA Firm Built for Service-Based Businesses

Larson CPA takes away the headache of dealing with taxes and accounting – allowing business owners to do what they love – running their business.

About us

After working at various accounting firms, both local and national, and in varying positions, we felt like there was always an element that was missing in some shape or form.

The objective of our firm is to offer a seamless, high-tech experience, and to see clients as more than a number.

Our primary market is individuals and small business owners running service-based businesses

What we do

We are dedicated to helping businesses and individuals navigate the complex world of tax.

At Larson CPA, we understand the pressures of getting your taxes right and managing your accounting needs. That's why we're not just another accounting firm. We are a boutique CPA firm focused on providing you meaningful, customized solutions for your tax and accounting situation.​


We Offer a Wide Variety of Tax and Accounting Solutions.


Tax Preparation

Individuals, Partnerships, S-Corporations, and Corporate Returns


Accounting Services

From once-a-year cleanup all the way to monthly bookkeeping for businesses of all sizes


Tax Planning

Providing you with personalized tax planning strategies designed to minimize and/or defer your tax liability


Client Advisory Services

We partner with businesses to help them understand what their numbers mean and provide them with actionable insights


Client Names and Information Changed for Privacy

Teacher w/Side Hustle

Laura and Mark both had day jobs, but Laura started an event planning business that grew faster than expected.

Growing Landscaping Company

This Texas landscaping company needed to open a second location - but became overwhelmed with the added accounting and tax responsibilities.

Single-Owner Marketing Business

John left his 9-5 to pursue his dream of starting his own marketing company. The only trouble was he didn't have any tax or accounting knowledge.

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